Brussels, KBR, ms. 9961-62 (olim 1533)

genre – text type



Psalterium [Peterborough psalter]


(fol. 1r) Prima dies m(en)sis. (et) .vij. tru(n)cat ut ensis. Ianuarius habet dies .xxxi. luna .xxx. ...


(fol. 141r) ... fias michi p(er)ualidus defensor qui es benedictus in secula .am(en).


Latin; French




14th c. (first half)




littera gothica textualis


decorated initials; marginal decoration; historiated initials; miniatures


(fol. 1r) January: Janus feasting; Aquarius, (fol. 1v) February: Man warming his feet before the hearth; Pisces, (fol. 2r) March: Man digging; Aries, (fol. 2v) April: Man holding leafy branches; Taurus, (fol. 3r) May: Man with grazing horse; Gemini, (fol. 3v) June: Man cultivating; Cancer, (fol. 4r) July: Man scything; Lion, (fol. 4v) August: Man harvesting with a sickle; Virgo, (fol. 5r) September: Man harvesting grapes; Libra, (fol. 5v) Man sowing; Scorpio, (fol. 6r) November: Man slaughtering hogs; Sagittarius, (fol. 6v) December: Woodcutter; Capricorn, (fol. 10r) Jeremiah, Isaiah, Moses and Gideon; Annunciation; Mercy, Truth, Justice and Peace; Visitation, (fol. 10v) Aaron's rod and dream of Nebuchadnezzar; Nativity; Habakkuk and David; Annunciation to the shepherds, (fol. 11r) Balaam on the ass; Isaiah and the temple; Departure of the Jews from Pharaoh; Journey of the Magi, (fol. 11v) Christ and Gentiles rejecting Satan; Joseph reunited with his brothers; Solomon and the Queen of Sheba; Magi leaving Herod, (fol. 12r) Adoration of the Magi; Lot warned and the pillar of salt; Prophet warned; Warning of the Magi, (fol. 12v) Samuel in the temple; Presentation of Christ in the temple; Sacrifice of Melchisedek; David and Ahimelech, (fol. 13r) Elijah warned to flee; Flight into Egypt; Murder of Rachel's children; Massacre of the Innocents, (fol. 13v) S. Benedict in prayer before the altar; Christ in majesty and symbols of the evangelists, (fol. 24r) Death of Saul; Death of Herod; Moses listening to Jethro; Daniel and the elders, (fol. 24v) Christ among the doctors; Noah in the ark; Crossing of the Red Sea; Baptism of Christ, (fol.25r) First temptation of Christ; Temptation of Eve; Death of Absalom; Fall of man (Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden), (fol. 25v) Temptation of Esau; Second Temptation of Christ; Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise; David and Goliath, (fol. 32v) Daniel and the dragon and the prophet Zachariah; Third temptation of Christ; Abraham and Melchisedek; David presenting the head of Goliath, (fol. 33r) Entry of Christ in Jerusalem; Elisha and Gehazi; Prophet Jeremiah; Expulsion of the money-changers from the temple, (fol. 33v) David playing the harp; Last Supper; Prophet Jeremiah and David; Christ washing the feet of the disciples, (fol. 39v) Boy in a tree handing cherries to a girl below and bear shaking the tree so that the monkey perching in it would fall from the branch, (fol. 40r) Abraham washing the angel's feet; Agony in the garden; Laban washing the camels' feet; S. Benedikt washing the feet of the poor, (fol. 40v) Blinding of Tobit; Betrayal of Christ; Daniel praying and the prophet Isaiah; Joab killing Amasa, (fol. 47r) Hunting scene: a hunter blowing horn and a dog chasing rabbits, (fol. 47v) Joseph sold by his brothers; Blindfolding of Christ; Prophets Isaiah and Micah; Mocking of Elisha by children who will be attacked by bears, (fol. 48r) Job in the dung heap; Flagellation of Christ; Abraham and Isaac bearing the sacrificial faggots; Widow of Zarephath, (fol. 56r) Christ bearing the cross; Sacrifice of the scapegoat; Mozes and the brazen serpent on the pillar, (fol. 56v) Cain and Abel and the pascal lamb; Crucifixion; Elisha and the Sunamite; Ezekiel writing the tau on the foreheads, (fol. 64r) Deposition; David saving the sheep; Samson carrying the gates of Gaza; David let down from the window, (fol. 64v) Entombment of Christ; Jonah saved from the whale; Daniel saved from the lions' den; Descent into Limbo, (fol. 72v) Hunter kissing women; Resurrection of Christ; God appears to Moses, (fol. 73r) Death of Oza; Marys at the tomb; Lot and the angels; The Jew and the Levite, (fol. 73v) Noli me tangere; Christ and the pilgrims; Jacob and the angel; Jacob blessing Ephraim and Manassah, (fol. 91v) Castle of Love, (fol. 92r) Supper at Emmaus; Thomas' doubt; Ruth in the field of Boaz; Elephants provoked to fight by the blood of grapes and mulberries, (fol. 92v) Jacob's ladder; Ascension of Christ; Prophet Habakuk and Salomon; Fire descending on the altar, (fol. 93r) Prophet Jeremiah; Pentecost; David; Prophet Zachariah, (fol. 100v) David struggling with the lion

historiated initials

(fol. 14r) initial B: David playing the harp [11 lines]; initial Q: Standing man [3 lines], (fol. 14v) initial D: Doctor with urine flask [3 lines]; initial C: King with sword [3 lines], (fol. 15r) initial V: Anthropomorphic being [3 lines], (fol. 18r) initial U: Fabulous animal [3 lines], (fol. 20v) initial C: Fabulous animal [3 lines], (fol. 22v) initial D: Anthropomorphic being [3 lines], (fol. 26r) initial D: Anointing of David by the prophet Samuel [9 lines], (fol. 34r) initial D: King sitting on a throne looking at a man feeding a falcon [8 lines], (fol. 41r) initial Q: Women with book disputing with two men with books [8 lines]; initial D: A fool and Saul committing suicide [9 lines], (fol. 48v) initial S: Christ with the world globe and Jonah saved from the whale [8 lines], (fol. 57r) initial E: King playing bells [8 lines], (fol. 62r) initial D: Fabulous animal [3 lines], (fol. 65r) initial D: Abbot and Benedictine monk praying at an altar [8 lines], (fol. 66r) initial C: Monks chanting [8 lines], (fol. 71v) initial P: Fabulous animal [3 lines], (fol. 74r) initial D: Trinity [8 lines], (fol. 85v) initial D: Fabulous animal [3 lines], (fol. 91v) initial D: Fabulous animal [3 lines], (fol. 94r) initial C: Christ in majesty and symbols of the evangelists [6 lines], (fol. 95v) Man with hunting bird [3 lines], (fol. 98r) initial T: Antropomorphic being [3 lines], (fol. 98v) initial B: Head of an animal [3 lines], (fol. 99r) initial B: Anthropomorphic being [3 lines]; initial M: Two fishes [3 lines], (fol. 100v) initial S: Benedictine monk praying to the Deity holding the sun and the moon [4 lines], (fol. 101v) initial P: Human head [3 lines], (fol. 102r) initial B: Head of an animal [3 lines], (fol. 102v) initial T: Anthropomorphic being [3 lines], (fol. 105r) initial O: Human bust [3 lines], (fol. 106r) initial A: Antropomorphic being [5 lines], (fol. 123r) initial D: Head of an animal [3 lines]; initial D: Antropomorphic being [3 lines]

codicological description

parchment; (II) + I + 141 + I ff.; ca. 30 x 19,5 cm; 2 columns; collation: 1 (8+1), 2 (4), 3-15 (8)


Geoffrey of Croyland (abbot of Peterborough); Gaucelin of Eux; John XXII (pope); Clemence of Hungary (queen of France); Philip VI of Valois (king of France); Library of the Louvre (Paris); Philip the Good (duke of Burgundy); Burgundian Library; Bibliothèque Nationale (Paris); Burgundian Library (Brussels); Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België – Bibliothèque royale de Belgique (Brussels)

coats of arms

Artois (county): fol. 95v; Boulogne (county): ff. 34r, 48v; Brabant (duchy): ff. 26r, 41r, 48v; Burgundy (county): fol. 24r, 41r, 65r; Burgundy (duchy): ff. 24r; 26r, 57r [?]; Flanders (county): ff. 24r, 34r, 41r, 57r, 65r, 74r; France (kingdom): fol. 24r; Hainaut (county): fol. 41r; Holland (county): ff. 26r, 41r, 57r, 65r; Limburg [?] (duchy): ff. 24r, 26r, 41r, 65r, 74r; Namur (county): ff. 41r, 48v; Philip the Good (duke of Burgundy): ff. 10r, 10v, 11r, 11v, 12r, 12v, 13r, 24r, 24v, 25r, 25v, 32v, 33r, 33v, 40r, 40v, 47v, 48r, 56r, 56v, 64r, 64v, 72v, 73r, 73v, 92r, 93r


modern (empire)


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